Hi everyone! My name is Mike. I'm here to inspire & connect you with the knowledge, tools,

systems, resources, and support to operate with a high financial efficiency.


Jenna - Student

Mike helped Jenna with her journey in the business world, providing guidance to her with business strategy and real estate investing knowledge.

Pedro Montemayor - Student

Pedro has been working with Mike for 2 years now, Mike helped him to establish his marketing and real estate investing businesses.

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Megan Christensen -

Business Credit Instructor

Wanda Carrasquillo

Student/Community Leader

Richie & Jenny Galarse Pancoast -

Student/Velocity Banking Facilitator

Tony Scott -

Contract for Deed Instructor

Michael Huggins -

Student/Community Leader

Raul Campos -

Student/Community Leader

Nate Lambert -

Student/Community Leader

Mat Sorensen -

Self Directed Retirement Accounts & Partnerships Instructor

Michael White a.k.a


If you're anything like me, you're a passionate entrepreneur who craves a LOT more freedom & meaning than a typical 9-5 life can provide.

You dread being managed by a moody boss (or engaging in the petty politics of office life!) & you want the freedom to live a life of your own design.

You are tired of trading time for money! I was in that exact spot just a few years ago, until I came across an opportunity that changed my life forever and now I want to share that with you! I will quickly show you how to revolutionize your life with simple principles around business ownership and real estate investing.

You won't be disappointed...

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"Ready to unlock your unique drive and achieve financial flexibility, empowerment and time freedom through real estate investing and financial literacy? Our company provides expert guidance and support to connect you with the top-rated financial, business, and real estate investing education company in the world. Equipping you with the tools, knowledge, support, and resources to achieve your goals. Whether you're driven by lifestyle, family and community, systems and organization, recognition, or making money, we're here to help you tap into your full potential. Schedule a call with us now and start your journey to financial flexibility, empowerment and time freedom." You don't have to have an MBA in business to build wealth!

Whether you're just awakening to your financial independence journey or you're looking for ways to take your wealth creation journey to the next level, we have the support and education to get you to the life you've always envisioned.

We only partner with entrepreneurs that we KNOW will succeed with our methodology because of a high level of coachability, an extreme burning desire for something greater and a willingness to push through self limiting beliefs.

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